June 2, 2020

altCONNECT – Dismantling the Status Quo!

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The construction sector is among the worst performing in terms of productivity, according to a report undertaken by McKinsey & Company, which cited a failure to adapt to new technology as one contributing factor to the creation of a ‘sluggish innovation’ culture, with legacy systems and unique requirements for budgets, planning and operations seen as major hindrances to take-up.

Probuild, NXT Tec, Doric, Georgiou and Yenem Engineering Services are dismantling the status quo.

altCONNECT is a connection that joins primary structural members such as beams and columns without bolts or welds, instead relying on friction to withstand loads and forces.

It was conceptualised by local company Yenem Engineering Services and is currently in the development phase.

Director David Meney said mining structures had made up the bulk of Yenem’s workbook since he established the company in 1995, with the idea for altCONNECT coming to him when observing construction progress.

“This will dramatically reduce the time of construction.

“It will be a game changer for the construction and mining industry,” he said.

Curtin University ’s civil engineering department is currently conducting preliminary testing of altCONNECT, subjecting 3D printed steel test specimens to real load conditions until failure, and the connection has already been integrated into Akselos’ structural analysis software.

Mr Meney said he was currently looking to partner with a technology, construction or mining company to take altCONNECT to the next stage – real-life scaling, backed by funding and then eventual commercialisation.

“We’re now at the beginning of a brand new way of creating steel that doesn’t have to be conventionally fabricated or machined,” he said.

“That’s what has got me excited about getting the idea patented, talking with software suppliers so we can actually make it possible for people to design structures using our connection and actually document them for manufacture and of course finding people in the industry that thinks it’s a good idea.”

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