Tunnelling – The Long and the Short of It


Tunnels are dug in materials ranging from soft clay to hard rock. The method of construction depends on ground conditions, groundwater, length and diameter of the tunnel, the depth of the tunnel etc. There are three basic types of tunnel construction: 1. Cut & Cover Tunnels A simple method for…

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Digital Twins

Digital Twin In Mining

Simply put, a Digital Twin is a digital replica of a physical asset, projecting physical objects into the digital world. Digital twinSimulating of car manufacturing by robots, digital twin of the production by Siemens We can create a computer model of a critical asset such as a ship loader or transfer tower…

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7 Construction Technology Innovations Making Tomorrow Better

7 Construction Technology Innovations

The Western world and Australia, in particular, is pretty damn slow at taking on innovation, particularly in the construction industry. In the 2018 Global Innovation Index, we’re No. 20. We could be higher. But to be fair, we are taking steps towards innovation in construction. 1. 3-D Printing There are…

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