June 14, 2019

Celebrating Commitment And Hard Work

Celebrating John Zhang - Principal Engineer

This year on May 24th John Zhang celebrated 8 years with Yenem. It wasn’t a big deal, more like business as usual, with no cake and fanfare.  

You see, John spends most of his day at a client’s office (because that’s often the best place to address any issues early).

But that doesn’t diminish the celebration of 8 years of dedication to our company that John has given.

And although hard work and commitment is appreciated on a daily basis at Yenem, it is important to acknowledge such significant events such as this.

When John came to me for a job, I didn’t want him! You see, a previous employee had just left and I was wondering “is it worth it?” Is it worth putting all my time and effort into training engineering graduates just to watch them take their knowledge to another place – a greener pasture? 

So anyway John pestered me for an interview and I eventually succumbed. And I didn’t make it easy! 

Uni doesn’t really get these guys ready for us in the real world, and I honed in on my pet subject – Torsional Lateral Buckling of Beams.

Beam behaviour in lateral-torsional buckling

I knew it! Here’s another one that looks at me blankly when I mention that phrase! I wanted an engineer who “got it” – who really understood structures at a fundamental level.

I think I told him that I wasn’t ready to employ another engineer and politely ended the interview. What happened next was priceless. I got an email a few weeks later from John, and this is a part of it..

“Hi Dave…It has been almost one month since our last talk…After the interview, I have read through Steel Designers’ handbook (Branko Gorenc 7th edition) in my spare time. I believe I have picked up what I have learned about steel structural design from the University, and I have a better understanding of structural members’ behaviour including yielding and buckling.

I also became familiar with the design procedure of flexural members, compression members and tension members involving both section capacity check and member capacity check.

This week, I am learning the structural design regarding to material handling such as support of conveyors and crane runway girders. Moreover, I also start the on-line training for Microstran and have applied (for) hands-on training courses on 3rd August, 2011.

To be honest, I really hope you can give me an opportunity to have a try on this job, and even I can start with engineer assistant. I am a hard-working and fast-learning person who desire to succeed in the structural engineering field. I promise that I will never disappoint you.

On the other hand, I like to work in a small team and I can work for a long term in your company. I appreciate your consideration, I hope to hear from you soon.”

My goodness! How can you not offer a job to a guy that shows this level of commitment?

I employed him of course! John is now our Principal Structural Engineer. Giving him my title last year was a very difficult decision for me, but doing so was like releasing the chains! He is an outstanding engineer and a valuable asset in our team.

Happy 8th Anniversary John 🎉

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