June 22, 2019

My Top 5 Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions

Google’s Chrome Browser Is More than Just a Browser.


It is a complete desktop for cloud software. So long as you are signed in (which you should be) Chrome remembers what you’ve been doing on each computer and device. You can find a really awesome web page in your home office, read the content on your phone and then view it again at work.

Chrome also runs Apps. These are things like Google Sheets, Docs etc. There’s an App store just like the one on your phone.

Then there are the extensions. These are add-ons that improve the browser experience but also make the apps more powerful and most importantly productive. Check out the extensions that would help you.

Here Are My Top 5 Extensions

You need a master password and once logged in LastPass automatically fills in your username and password wherever it is required. You never have to remember passwords again. Best of all, you can share your password with colleagues without them seeing it. If they no longer require it you just “unshare” them.


CloudHQ have a lot of great extensions. Gmail Screenshot takes an image of your screen and then gives you tools to annotate it. Best part, you can take it from within an email and once annotated the screenshot is pasted straight into your email.


When have you saved a bookmark to an interesting website, only to discover it’s gone next time you look! Use Gmail Web Clipper by CloudHQ to save the webpage as an email. You’ll get text and images of the main content from most websites. And since it resides in Gmail you can use the powerful search to find the resource you’re looking for.


The extension and the companion Grammarly app checks your spelling and grammar wherever you write on the web (Gmail, Docs, etc) making sure that your messages and documents are clear, mistake-free and impactful. It even works in Microsoft Word. With this one, it’s worth paying for the premium version to get the best from the software.


RescueTime tracks the time you are spending in the active tab or window of Chrome, giving you a clear picture of what you were actually doing all day.

What are your favourite extensions? And if you’re not using any, which of these could help your productivity?

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