May 6, 2019

When Your Business Grows, We Grow Together!

Engineering Business

I’ve been in business since 1995. I’d have to say I’ve been pretty successful, especially given the economic downturns we’ve suffered in the mining industry over the years.

Yet, I feel as though I’ve only been growing my business for three years! What’s more, these are the best three years in my career so far!

You see, before then, Yenem maintained a pretty healthy workload because of the clients that kept coming back, and new ones that we were referred to. Repeat business and referrals were the ONLY means by which we stayed in business.

Starting My Growth Journey

So when things went south after the GFC, there were no repeat jobs, and no-one was asking for a good structural engineer. You could say, we were screwed! Too late, I employed a BD Manager and we tried to crack other markets, dismally. The “big guys” snuck in under us and cut rates to the point where they’ve never really recovered (FYI, most tradespeople are now charging more per hour than engineers, but I digress!)

Dale Beaumont

In 2016 I attended a whole day “free” seminar, called “The New Rules of Business”. The presenter, Dale Beaumont, turned out to be this amazingly successful entrepreneur and by lunchtime, I was hooked! I signed up for a year of business education.

For this, I got access to;

  • Four 4-day conferences (read a fun trip to Sydney every 3 months).
  • A business coach
  • Access to hundreds of other like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners, dedicated employees, and start-uppers.
  • A huge amount of web-based information and resources

and I stopped being “lonely” in my business.

Dave & Wife Ann

Year 2 provided more opportunities – access to amazing world-class speakers and one of the conferences at an international destination – Phuket last year, Singapore last week, Fiji next year and – wait for it – a Mediterranean cruise in 2020! All tax-deductible, of course!

So to the title of this blog – imagine how more successful Yenem can be if our clients also learn new ways to grow their company. You’d build a larger client base, and need more from us! It’s a win-win!

So on 21st May 2019, Dale and his team are coming back to Perth during their roadshow now called “52 Ways”. I urge you to consider attending (it’s free if you don’t sign up!! – and extremely valuable).

But hurry, it’s 97% booked!

Post below in the comments section. I would gladly answer any questions you may have.

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