June 15, 2020

Kalbarri Skywalk Bridge Design

Kalbarri skywalk

Many of us have been to Kalbarri at some point, and gazed in awe at (or even hiked through) the amazing gorge carved out by the Murchison River.

But did you know that there’s now a skywalk? Two walkways cantilever over the West Loop and provide superb views over the Murchison River Gorge.

Tourism WA says the $24 million project, which includes $10.1 million of road and car park improvements, has created more than 150 local jobs during the construction phase, including 10 jobs for local Aboriginal people, and more jobs once the facility is open, which happens this Friday.

Kalbarri Skywalk

A video on the project can be viewed here.

More information on the Skywalk project can be found here.

Information about the Kalbarri Skywalk

I struggled to find any information on the structure, which is a shame since the the ability for all people, able-bodied or not, to enjoy amazing landscapes around the planet is made possible due to the hard work and clever design of structural engineers who often must turn impossible architectural “artwork” into reality.

Without doubt the walkway is designed to support crowd loadings – there’s specific requirements for these types of structures in AS1170 – as well as wind and seismic forces. It would have been designed to be stiff enough so as to not deflect too much, nor ‘bounce’ under the action of dynamic loads (nobody needs another Millenium Bridge disaster).

Kalbarri skywalk

The cantilever produces large bending moments at the support, which would be securely anchored into the rock with forces distributed well back from the edge.

Around the world, skywalks are a thing.

Check out this compilation of seven of the world’s most wonderful glass bridges.

7 Wonderful Glass walkway Bridges Around The World

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