Ok Tedi Crusher Replacement Project

GR Engineering Services (GRES) is providing design, procurement support, project controls and supervision for Ok Tedi Mining Limited’s Crusher Replacement Project in Papua New Guinea. Work on this project commenced in September 2017 and the new crusher is due to be commissioned by November 2019.

Yenem providing  detailed structural design

We’ve been engaged by GRES to provide the detailed structural design for the project. Our work includes the design of the concrete crusher pocket and stockpile chamber, and all steelwork such as conveyors, drive/take-up/transfer structures, crane structures and the like.

The site is a valley with significant settlement expected. The 50m stockpile is predicted to cause large differential settlement of the reclaim chamber – we considered a number of varying support conditions to ensure the structural performance. The alternative of seven separate sections just didn’t sound right from a long-term serviceability perspective.

Of note was the 150T overhead travelling crane on 12m spans!

Project Details
  • Client: GR Engineering Services Pty Ltd
  • Location: Ok Tedi Mine, Papua New Guinea
  • Project Date: Jan 2018 -

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