November 3, 2020

How Do I Get The Time? (Plus a special gift for you)

time management

People often ask me how I get the time to write my blogs.

Well it’s a fact, we all have “the time”. Oprah, Elon Musk, you, me, and some random lazy couch potato, all have 24 hours each day. No more, no less.

Bottom line – Pareto’s principle applies EVERYWHERE.

20% of your effort yields 80% of the results. This means you can ditch 80% of the things you do because they’re not helping much!

Tech Tools - Pareto Principle

Not counting reading my blog, right now, what are you doing?

Does it contribute to 80% or more of your success – as a business owner, employee, father, mother, husband, wife, whatever?

Sharing The Value I Learn!

To be honest, I write my blogs for ME! I want to learn about stuff so I “Google” it, and I write it up.

You find it, perhaps read it, you might even get some value from it, but I do it for me!

Plus I have help. I normally write the blog text copy, and my assistant Francis, over in Nairobi, Kenya, makes it look good and readable.

He helps me to draft, publish and optimise my blog post for SEO. And from that, we get new clients and old clients returning by keeping them engaged through our blogs.

Structural engineers we are, but what we do is more than just structural engineering.

We learn what’s important to you, and how we can serve you better. Then we implement it.

Working Through a Pandemic

This COVID-19 era has produced plenty of opportunities.

Shawn (one of our structural engineers) has performed structural audits from his desk, reviewing amazing 3D surveys we’ve produced of structural degradation, adding more value to our clients than hundreds of pages of report.

Our 3D Interactive Structural Audit Reports

Janssen (another of our structural engineers) has recently completed a course on fatigue and vibration in structures, and now he is poised to present his version of the work he learned to the rest of us.

Brandon (he’s our graduate structural engineer) and I are presenting on our altCONNECT invention at ASCE 2020 (that’s the Australasian Structural Engineering Conference) next month (virtually, of course!).

And I’ve just sat through another Business Blueprint virtual conference – the single most effective membership I’ve ever subscribed to where I’ve learned, among other things, how to get the time to write these blogs.

Now The Tech Tools!

Possibly it’s the reason you clicked this blog!

One of the most popular segments of a BB conference is called “Timely Tech“.

The founder, Dale Beaumont, scours the internet looking for ways to improve processes, make things easier, make things quicker, and ultimately free-up time (for writing blogs and newsletters to my audience).

Some are relevant, some are not, and occasionally there’s a fun one like the one below 🙂

Some are fun to try! 😁

We’ve compiled a list for your pleasure. All links are safe, and I encourage you to click through and see what’s out there, saving you from endless searches.

When you’ve done that, tell me which ones you like and could benefit from. If you do, my mission – to add value to my network – is accomplished for another week.

Have a Project that You Want to Discuss?

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