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We solve complex structural problems for mining industry clients, so they have more reliable structures, increased onsite safety and fewer unplanned shutdowns.

About Yenem Engineering Services

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Yenem works with mining industry clients across Australia.

We specialise in this area, so we know we can deliver the best outcomes on structural design, inspection and remedial work for our clients.

Our expertise extends across all sizes of projects, structures and budgets. As an agile and skilled team, we are able to work closely with our clients as we rapidly create and deliver solutions that meet their needs.

As well as relying on our own research and experience, we design your structures to rules and recommendations that meet Australian Standards, the Building Code of Australia (BCA), Mining Act & Regulations, International Codes and, if you have it, your own project design criteria.

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We design, assess and repair

Structural integrity is paramount in the mining industry. Call on Yenem Engineering Services to design a reliable structure or seek our services as we review your existing assets and come up with cost-effective repair solutions, so you can avoid unplanned shutdowns or safety incidents.

Why ‘Yenem’?

Although we are one of Australia’s trusted names in structural engineering, people often pronounce it incorrectly!

No, we are not Yemen, like the country. We are YENEM, which is an anagram of our founder Dave Meney’s name.

Now you know!

Why Choose Yenem Engineering Services?

Mining industry specialists

Extensive Experience

Led by industry veteran Dave Meney, Yenem employs qualified and experienced engineers

Minimise Shutdowns

We design robust structures and identify defects in existing ones, so you can avoid unplanned maintenance.

Improve Safety

We understand how important safety is on mining sites and make it a priority on every project.

Personal Service

You’ll work closely with the same team members throughout your project.

Reduce Repair Costs

By staying ahead of issues, you can make minor repairs instead of costly large ones.

Innovative Technology

From 3D walk-throughs to the latest design practices, we aim to deliver the best service and outcomes.



To become the most sought after engineering firm in Australia by providing the next generation of engineers experiences and opportunities to grow, innovate and serve not just our clients, but the industry as a whole.

Mining Structure Inspection

We design practical, constructible and fit-for-purpose mining and industrial structures.

We find issues with plant structures before mines inspectors do, and propose practical recommendations to ensure ongoing safety and reliability.

We reduce our client’s stress by ensuring timely project delivery. We know what needs to be done, so you can concentrate on more important things.

Mining Structural Engineers Perth
  • Passion – we use our drive and knowledge to energise, engage and inspire people in our industry to be their best.
  • Courage – we are entrepreneurial and so take calculated risks, reach beyond boundaries and innovate.
  • Integrity – we are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine.
  • Family – we’re a close-knit team, working together, lifting each other to high performance and helping those in our communities who are less fortunate.
  • Efficiency – we cut to the chase to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions. We’re systemised and we automate our processes but we retain and nurture originality and creativity.
  • Balance – our lives outside of work matter to each other. We place importance on our mental and physical health ensuring we are happy at work and home.
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