Our main focus is on delivering structural solutions to the mining industry – WE MINIMISE UNPLANNED SHUTDOWNS.

Dave Meney (Director)

The name YENEM is almost always misspelt YEMEN, and being associated with that country is not the best thing!

The word is an acronym for MENEY – the surname of the founder and director, Dave Meney.

Dave started the business in 1995, having secured a pretty good engineering foundation under the leadership of aspiring engineers such as Ron Toussaint, Dave Richardson, John Ellis (R.I.P), and Graham Bodycoat.

For 11 years he consulted from a home office in the Perth Hills, taking care of structural engineering for the likes of Metplant, Minproc, JR Engineering, Eastman Fort, among many others.

In 2003, he realised his purpose…

Our purpose
Our Purpose

“2003 was a pivotal period in my life. Among many discoveries, I realised that I had something to offer the profession as well as my clients.”
Dave Meney, Director

So began a journey of training young engineers. We’re proud to have had a positive impact on around a dozen young engineers so far who chose Yenem to launch their career. Some of those remained for several years and contributed to the growth of our company. Some of those are still with us.

We exist to enrich the lives of the Yenem Team. To build knowledge. To push boundaries. To challenge existing methods and discover new ones. To educate our clients. To understand their needs.

Ideally, our purpose is to teach a respect for structures by our clients, our team, and our community.

Our Vision

Guided by our purpose, our vision is a big one!

  • We will have the smartest and most forward-thinking team of engineers
  • We will foster a flexible and trusting workplace where everyone is treated equally and with respect
  • We will provide a positive impact on our clients, our team, our community
  • We will influence structural engineering changes that improve methods, safety, sustainability by discovering and embracing technology

If we can foster awesome knowledge in our young engineers, and empower them to become leaders and continue the cycle, well,

we will become the most sought-after structural engineering company in Australia!

What We Do - Structural Engineering

Engineering is the fusion of mathematics and science. We give meaning to algebra and calculus, trigonometry and geometry.

We use those strange buttons on a scientific calculator!

We use computer software to solve complex problems.

But mainly, we design things so they don’t fall down.

It was once said “[Structural] Engineering is the art of modelling materials we do not wholly understand, into shapes we cannot precisely analyse so as to withstand forces we cannot properly assess, in such a way that the public has no reason to suspect the extent of our ignorance”. This pretty much sums it up!

In order to carry out this deception, we use computer software tools such as Microstran and Space Gass for analysing structures, and Strand7 for finite element analysis (FEA) and dynamic analysis.

We design your structures to rules and recommendations in documents such as Australian Standards, the Building Code of Australia (BCA), Mining Act & Regulations, International Codes, Industry Publications, client’s design criteria and our own research and experience.

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Our Design Team

Dave Meney (Director)
Dave Meney

BE(Civil) MIEAust CPEng RPEQ


0417 949 374

John Zhang (Principal Engineer)
Wentao (John) Zhang

B.Eng (Civil), MEng (Structural)

Principal Structural Engineer

0400 116 757

David Pote (Senior Structural Engineer)
David Pote

BE(Civil), MIEAust

Senior Structural Engineer

0420 507 840

Shawn Cao (Graduate Structural Engineer)
Shawn Cao

BSc, MPE(Civil), GradIEAust

Structural Engineer

0466 358 199

Brandon Westdorp (Engeneering Assistant)
Brandon Westdorp

Graduate Engineer


Noel Duco

Graduate Structural Engineer

Francis Mwanu (Document Controller)
Francis Mwanu

Document Controller