Yenem Engineering Services


Choose the payment method that best suits your project

Lump Sum

Lump sum contracts work well for structural design and assessment projects with a clear scope.

We can provide a fixed quote based on the requirements and timelines of the project.

To manage the risk of cost-overruns, we agree on the inclusions and exclusions up-front, then set the price, deliverables and timeline.

Any additions or changes to the scope are negotiated as variations and priced as an additional lump-sum fee or on hourly rates.

Contact us for a quote on your next major project and we will work together on a scope of work that provides all your requirements.

Hourly Rate

Hourly rate contracts work well for structural design and assessment projects WITHOUT a clear scope, or an evolving scope.

We provide an estimate based on the available information, but it is subject to change as the project evolves.

You only pay for the time we spend, but the disadvantage is the project may suffer cost and time blow-out.

It generally works best for all stakeholders when the project’s scope of work is clear enough to begin with, so we can provide a fixed price and time schedule for deliverables.

Engineers on Tap

Some of our clients prefer using Yenem’s engineers but want control over their activities and where they work, essentially treating us like we’re their own employees.

A big advantage, other than getting access to our terrific engineers, is minimal admin. Preparing work packages, getting quotes, issuing POs, getting variations, revising POs…these activities consume time, which is much better spent on designing structures and completing projects.

If you qualify, you can do this under our exclusive ‘Engineers on Tap’ service.

It’s NOT a secondment arrangement. All of our work is carried out under our quality plan which includes peer review and approval.

A monthly retainer fee gets you near-instant access to an engineer (or engineers), in your office as well as ours – whichever best serves the project.

You pay for projects on an agreed schedule of rates basis.

One spreadsheet (with real-time data) shows where the time is being spent. You decide how much detail you want, so you can instantly manage costs, ensure budgets are maintained, increase PO limits, etc.

One monthly invoice covers all the work carried out.

You also get priority access to unlimited phone and email advice to help you win your next project.

You should never need to hire structural engineering staff or contract engineers again!

Contact us to arrange a fully tailored package.


Consultants are highly skilled and specialised in their areas of expertise and provide a full service to their clients.

Fully insured and fully guaranteed, the work of a consultant is hard to match with an in-house engineer that’s meant to know everything about everything.

The consultants’ knowledge and skill can potentially reduce the costs of a project by more than the cost of the consultant.