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Mining Remedial Solutions

Remedial Solutions

Unplanned shutdowns and on-site structural problems and failures are expensive and disruptive but often preventable.

At Yenem, we offer remedial solutions to your damaged structures so you can have peace of mind about their integrity and longevity. We want your structures to last longer and remain safe!

Just because it’s corroded or damaged…Doesn’t mean it has to be replaced!

Many engineers recommend repair or replacement of members according to the degree of deterioration. We don’t. If a structural member like a beam or column is only 50% utilised, and has degraded in strength by 10%, why replace it?

Remedial work costs a fortune and almost always results in production downtime.

“Some of our best remedial design work results in no work for our client!”

Because we understand structures, we can sometimes circumvent problems uncovered during a site inspection by considering alternative load paths.

It means thinking outside the box. That’s what we do.

Sometimes, the best solution for ongoing structural performance is a lick of paint over a corroded area, and clear documentation that the structure is okay. Other times, structural integrity needs to be restored as soon as possible to prevent collapse.

We’ll use the data you have (calcs and drawings), or scan the structure in-situ, in order to assess the structural integrity taking into account the degradation we’ve discovered, and then propose economical and rapid solutions to ensure safe operation.

Our Structural Assessment Process

The main objective of our structural assessments is to identify the hidden and ‘hiding in plain sight’ issues with the structures on your mining sites.

Our next goal is to help you understand what’s going on, with the help of footage, 3D models, photographs and interactive reports as needed.

As experienced structural engineers, we can also make recommendations about your next steps to repair or replace your structures with mimimal impact on production.

How it Works

Contact Yenem Engineering Services for an initial quote on the assessment of structures on your mining site.

You will speak directly with one of our engineers who will be able to provide a quote based around your needs and let you know if/when a site visit can be arranged.

You can expect detailed reports resulting from a detailed inspection.

There are very few types of structures we have not assessed for our mining industry clients. Contact us today to find out more.