Virtual Networking

Connecting Virtually

Every three months I attend a business owner’s conference (I’m not overly comfortable with the term ‘entrepreneur’) in Sydney. Hundreds of us get together to learn how to be better at anything business – better marketers, better leaders, better ‘selfs’. Here’s what usually happens: Wednesday Pack Leave for flight mid…

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Covid-19 Construction Regulations – We’re the Lucky Ones

COVID-19 Construction Regulations

Unlike many countries, Australia is keeping its construction industry going, framing it as a national economic priority. PM Scotty Morrison (nickname upgraded from ScoMo due to a little win-back of respect during this “unprecedented” time) has signalled he wants construction to remain classified as an essential service and considers the…

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Is Using a Registered Professional Engineer Important?

Registered Professional Engineer

Regulatory authorities are often thought of as no more than a bureaucratic burden. Extra time, higher cost and red tape are the keywords that spring to most minds. Does regulation bring benefits to the profession and the public? Should all practicing engineers be registered professional engineers? Perhaps the best way…

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What is The Difference Between Civil And Structural Engineering?

Structural & Civil Engineers

We often get asked if we do civil engineering, and I’ve learned to ask a few questions before saying “No” You see, we’re structural engineers, and we’re different to civil engineers, but there’s a language around these words that needs clarification. Often, the enquirer refers to ‘civil’ as concrete footings,…

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Mentoring Great Future Engineers

Graduate Engineer

We’ve all learned a lot from mentors who were instrumental in shaping us during our early career and continue to do so. That has been one of my core values – to also reciprocate the same to young engineers that get the opportunity to work with us. So, a few…

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