Yenem Engineering Services


Headframe Modules Assembling Footings - Structural Design (Mar - Mar 2021)

Project Background:

Newmont awarded a $24 million contract to ABB for its Tanami gold mine in Northern Territory. The Tanami expansion project (TE2) includes the construction of a 5.4-meter shaft that can reach 1460 meters below the surface depth to enable recovery of ore at a depth. This provides a viable solution to extend the mine and with additional investment in processing is expected to increase production to 3.5 million tonnes per year.

GRES was looking for a crew to start the construction of the headframe and ancillaries. The crane travelled an approx. 24m between an installation position and three modularisation areas. The structure was to be assembled and furnished with mechanical equipment, possibly piping and electrics included.

Yenem engineering was engaged to provide the design of three identical temporary footings.

Scope of Work

Our scope of work comprised of all the work associated with the structural design with the headframe modules assembling footings.

Other key Yenem activities included:

  • Providing a calculation summary report
  • Provide a dedicated and capable engineer who will be the primary point of contact during the project.
  • An initial discussion with the client  to their desired outcomes and expectations for the project.
  • Provide a project plan, that was to be issued within two workdays following the discussion with the client with the proposed schedule and milestones.
  • Provide our client with calculations and models as required and ensure that all structural items meet the requirements of relevant Australian Standards, Acts & Regulations
  • 3D models with STP file output
  • Review of the work by a senior structural engineer to ensure the work is accurate and meets the project requirements
  • Timely correspondence via email, sketches, red-line mark-ups as appropriate to ensure works meet project expectations.
  • Unlimited revisions of the deliverables items to ensure our client is fully satisfied
  • Stamp and sign off PDF copies of the final deliverables.