Yenem Engineering Services


Existing Service Bridge Modification - Structural Assessment (May 2019 - Jun 2019)
Project Background: 

Aurelia Metals Ltd had acquired the Peak Gold Mines, located in Cobar, a remote township in Western New South Wales. Peak has operated since 1992 as a medium sized underground gold mining operation, with a robust history of replacing and growing its mineral resources.

The mine was planning to utilize the existing service bridge to convey additional pipe services required between two areas. The formulated concept was a bolted arrangement and this was  noted in MPM’s model. 

Yenem was requested to perform the structural review and recommend if any changes are required..

Scope of Work

Our scope of work comprised the structural review of the existing service bridge structure including trestles, revised truss,footings and immediate support to the connected buildings.

Other key Yenem activities included:

  • Review supplied data,
  • Prepare calculations and models as required to ensure all structural items meet the requirements of relevant Australian Standards, Acts & Regulations.,
  • Correspond via email, sketches, red-line mark-ups as appropriate to ensure works meet project expectations,
  • Submit deliverables for client approval prior to finalisation,
  • Stamp and sign PDF copies of the final deliverables