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MT Webber Mine

Radial Stacker RS02 & RS01 - Structural Assessment (May - May 2021)

Project Background: 

BGC operated a 6mtpa Iron Ore processing plant at Mt Webber, 220km from Port Hedland. The plant was a Lump and Fines plant with the finished process material stockpiled by 46m radial stackers.

One of 46m stackers (RS02) had a catastrophic failure on 9 November 2017. The failure of the stacker has raised a secondary concern of a smaller primary stacker (RS01) which operated above its nominated design tonnage rate. 

RS01 stacker also required a structural review to ensure code compliance.

Scope of Work

Our scope of work comprised the independent investigation of structural failure of BGC Radial stacker RS02 and provide a practical remedial solution to ensure the stacker meets it original structural compliance.

The investigation was to determine the likely causes of the failure inclusive of but not limited to:

  • Equipment operating conditions
  • Equipment capacity constraints against operational requirements
  • Previous equipment type failures
  • Description of structural failure mode
  • Cause and effect analysis
  • NDT or similar if required

The secondary review was to  include the structural integrity assessment of RS01 Primary Stacker to operate at the peak loading and provide a practical remedial solution to ensure code compliance if required.The investigation was mainly focused on conveyor uprights, supports, the axle and wheels.