Pilbara 220 Kv Transmission Line

Yenem Engineering Services

Pilbara 220 Kv Transmission Line

Footing Optimisation - Structural Design (Nov - Aug 2020)

Project Background:

The project consisted of a 220 kV dual-circuit transmission line along the following routes:

  • Solomon to Lambda (SOL-LBD) – 123 km
  • Lambda to North Star Junction (LBD-NSJ) – 73 km
  • Lambda to North Star Substation (LBD-NSS) – 73 km
  • North Star Junction to North Star Substation – 26 km

Preliminary designs of footings had been done by APD and briefly reviewed by Yenem. It was clear that the detailed design of the footing systems would yield significant material and time savings during construction.

Yenem was engaged by FMGL to prepare the optimal detailed design of various footing types to suit individual pole loadings and ground conditions.

Scope of Work

Our scope of work comprised review of all available input data and detailed design of  the powerline footings.

Other key Yenem activities included:

  • Provide drawing markups/sketches as required
  • Meeting attendance as required
  • Review and stamp our clients structural design drawings “Approved for Construction” 
  • Provide a calculation summary report
  • Review of all available input data on the powerline
  • Review of currently available geotechnical data
  • Preparation of a table of various pole types, loadings and ground conditions
  • Preparation of a basis of design (in line with APD docs and AS 7000)
  • Design of pile footings of various types for various and varying ground conditions.
  • Collaboration with the FMGL team to ensure the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.
  • Liaison with FMGL drafters via sketches & meet-ups during the preparation of design drawings
  • Preparation of calculations and models as required to ensure all structural items meet the requirements of relevant Australian Standards, Acts & Regulations.,
  • Remaining available during construction for “last-minute” changes to designs where the ground conditions are not as expected