When it doesn’t comply, we choose the best solution to ensure safety that also minimises or even eliminates shutdowns.

Just because it's corroded or damaged...

Doesn’t mean it has to be replaced!

Remedial work costs a fortune and almost always results in production downtime.

“Some of our best remedial design work results in no work for our client!”

Because we understand structures, we can sometimes circumvent problems uncovered during a site inspection by considering alternative load paths.

It means thinking outside the box. That’s what we do.

Remedial Solutions Portfolio

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Head Chute Structural Wear

A beam supporting a bin feed conveyor head end and chute had significantly worn (poor design with no thought as to the long-term performance of the structure!) Our Smart Solution Our brief was to desi…

  • Client: AngloGold Ashanti Australia Limited
  • Location: Tropicana Gold Mine
  • Project Date: Feb - March 2017
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