You know that an unplanned shutdown can cost your company a fortune and upset shareholders. We can help you prevent that with well designed and maintained structures.


Have you ever carried out remedial works that you consider unnecessary?


We get up close and uncover the potential problems you have with your structures, then tell you in a clear way what you need to do and why.

How We Are Different

Structural Engineering Inspections Services

We Get Close

Drone surveys provide a fantastic visual inspection with complete safety.

Structural Conditions monitoring

We Get Closer

When we can’t get to suspect structures from crane boxes or platforms, we abseil there!

We Take You on the Journey

We create 3D models from our drone and fixed camera photos and turn them into interactive reports that show the issues and the work that needs to be done.

We have two types of clients. Which one are you?


To be honest, we’d prefer you weren’t in this space.

When columns have holes in them, do you really need to ask a structural engineer “is it okay?”

Is the Mine Inspector really the first person to “spot the hazard”?

But hey, we don’t judge! If this is your situation, you’d better click and talk to us!

We’ll get back to you with our best advice.

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Now we’re talking! We’re looking at your problem structures on a regular basis. The frequency depends on the type of structure and its importance in the production line.

You get clear, concise and actionable reports.

We work hard to accept what we find – because maintenance work costs a lot and we don’t want you to waste your money.

If this is you, we have an OFFER you may wish to consider…


Still not sure?

Discover the main problems we uncover and why you should have a managed structural inspection service.

Structural Inspections Portfolio

Browse through our finest work, created by a team of incredibly talented people.

Structural Condition Monitoring

We provide ongoing structural integrity inspections of the four coarse ore bins. Constructed over 50 years ago, the bins have degraded. We ensure they remain safe to use during their intended life

  • Client: Cobar Management Pty Ltd
  • Location: CSA Mine, Cobar, NSW
  • Project Date: Ongoing, since 2016
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