Structural Report – Watch It as An Interactive 3D Video!

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Structural Report – Watch It as An Interactive 3D Video!

Watch? How do you watch a report?

Video, baby!

We’re not exactly known for doing things the ‘regular’ way!

A ‘regular’ structural inspection involves a site visit by a (hopefully) structural engineer, a thorough inspection of all things visible and accessible, and the all-important report – a behemoth of findings in a PDF document that even 5G will take ages to deliver!

If you have ever engaged a structural engineer for a structural inspection, or audit, or whatever you call it, what did you ask for? Simply that? Or did you ask “are the structures supporting my process equipment safe?” or “This hole/dent/whatever looks suss, can I keep running the plant?”

Hopefully the latter, but I reckon more often than not, it’s the former.

So what? you ask.

Let’s Use an Analogy – the Human Body.

Say you have an ache in your chest – and it’s not going away. It only aches when you jog, and you think it might be a problem.

Do you:

A) Prepare a scope of work to perform a full-body inspection and report, and shop it around the medical profession for the lowest price?

B) Visit your GP, describe your problem and ask him for an informed opinion?

It seems obvious right, but essentially, we are your structures’ doctor, and so it seems mindless to us that you’d be focussed on an inspection and a report and not finding and solving the problem.

Don’t you just need peace of mind that your structures are not going to let your process down and cause unnecessary and immensely costly shutdowns? Or in the worst case, what you need to do to get it sorted?

Got a Concern? Let’s Look at It Right Now!

The image shows a typical findings sheet we construct during our inspections on our iPad.

Structural Report

All you need to do is send us two photos:

i) One can be close enough to show a problem you’re concerned about.

ii) The other zoomed out to provide context.

We will complete a findings sheet for you so you can get a sense of how easily a structural assessment can be made.

This offer is 100% FREE and intended to give you peace of mind or ‘just cause’ to take action.

If you’re not on site, share this link with your contact on a site that you’re involved with

Upload Photos

I Still Need a Structural Report

Of course you do!

But really what you need is a clear concept of the problems, and how best to deal with them. A punchlist of items, ranked in order of urgency.

Instead of said report constructed on an unwieldy spreadsheet, or a PDF document hundreds of pages long, you might prefer something like this:

Definitely get in touch if you want your structures professionally assessed and your reports prepared this way.

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