Structural Design

The Grand Slam of Engineering


The Australian Open has just drawn to a close. Once again, it gave spectators some of the finest sports entertainment experience in the world, even if some of the days were void of a crowd due to Covid-19 restrictions. Melbourne Park, one of the country’s premier sports and entertainment venues,…

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The Lean Keen Structural Machine

FEA Analysis

As a young engineer, that’s what they called me. The lean, keen, structural machine! A skinny, nerdy young bloke, still wet behind the ears, that never understood the need for excessive design, or over-design, and saw it as incompetence. My designs attracted many questions from the drawing office and feelings…

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Powerline Footings – Got Geotech, Now What?

In our last post, you learned how important it was to get the right geotechnical data for footing design. There’s a few different types, and the type of ground will help determine the most economical design. Concrete pile footings are a favoured footing type for overhead powerline poles and towers….

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It’s a Fact – Concrete Cracks

Structural Crack

Should you be concerned when you see a crack in a concrete wall or slab? Well, that depends. There are two classifications of cracks in concrete – structural, and non-structural. You should be immediately concerned about a structural crack. And you should be concerned about durability with a non-structural crack….

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