3D Printing – It’s Not a Future Technology

3D Metal Printing

3D Printing has grown up. And not before time. If you still think 3D metal printing is for the future of manufacturing, you should probably keep reading, open your mind, and prepare to adopt a manufacturing method that began in the eighties. The eighties? Really? Yep! The world’s first 3D…

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altCONNECT – Dismantling the Status Quo!

Source: (edited) The construction sector is among the worst performing in terms of productivity, according to a report undertaken by McKinsey & Company, which cited a failure to adapt to new technology as one contributing factor to the creation of a ‘sluggish innovation’ culture, with legacy systems and unique…

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Virtual Reality in the Mining Industry

Virtual reality in mining

It is no exaggeration to say that technology has taken a giant leap forward in the last decade. In this decade, Uber revolutionized taxi industries around the globe, 4G networks brought fast internet to the masses, and Whatsapp and Instagram appeared on the world stage. Who do we have to…

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Remote Working – Our Sensible Response to COVID-19

Remote Working

The growing concern and the ongoing development of COVID-19 has led to individuals, teams, and entire companies choosing to work remotely to limit its spread It’s real. It’s here. It’s worse than the flu. Even the government have got on board (kinda). I’ve got a grandchild due any minute, and…

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