Thermal Expansion – How Does It Affect Structures?

We have some of the largest temperature gradients in Australia, and this simply means a huge difference between the coldest and hottest temperature. What’s this got to do with structures? Well quite a lot, actually. All materials expand and contract with changes in temperature. In the cold, things shrink! Some…

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From Sponsor Child to Employee

I’m really proud to share my story of sponsor child Francis becoming my employee 26 years later… Watch the video, aired on Channel 10 Eyewitness News on 14th June, 2018: Listen to my radio interview with Paula Kruger on ABC Breakfast, 15th June 2018: And with Jenny Seaton on…

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Tunnelling – The Long and the Short of It


Tunnels are dug in materials ranging from soft clay to hard rock. The method of construction depends on ground conditions, groundwater, length and diameter of the tunnel, the depth of the tunnel etc. There are three basic types of tunnel construction: 1. Cut & Cover Tunnels A simple method for…

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