What is The Difference Between Civil And Structural Engineering?

We often get asked if we do civil engineering, and I’ve learned to ask a few questions before saying “No” You see, we’re structural engineers, and we’re different to civil engineers, but there’s a language around these words that needs clarification. Often, the enquirer refers to ‘civil’ as concrete footings,…

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Linear or Non-Linear? – That is the Question

Non-Linear Analysis flexible structures

All structural analysis software has at least two options when analysing the forces and displacement in a structure. Linear Analysis Non-Linear Analysis Why is there a choice? If a structure needs non-linear, why provide linear? Does a structure really need non-linear analysis? Computers are fast – who uses linear analysis…

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AS 5131 “New” Steel Code

Australian standards

AS/NZS 5131 Fabrication and Erection of Structural Steelwork was published in late 2016. But experience suggests many people in the construction industry learned of its existence, then forgot about it, and are still yet to pick up this code. Some don’t know of its existence at all! But we all…

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Ok Tedi – A Mine In The Clouds

Since January 2018, we’ve been involved in an exciting project with our client GR Engineering Services. It’s been a mix of everything – severe earthquake loading (including an earthquake during design!), huge rainfalls, restricted access, tie-ins to structures that due to the highly corrosive nature of the site were in…

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Mentoring Great Future Engineers

Graduate Engineer

We’ve all learned a lot from mentors who were instrumental in shaping us during our early career and continue to do so. That has been one of my core values – to also reciprocate the same to young engineers that get the opportunity to work with us. So, a few…

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