Structural Design

Kalbarri Skywalk Bridge Design

Kalbarri skywalk

Many of us have been to Kalbarri at some point, and gazed in awe at (or even hiked through) the amazing gorge carved out by the Murchison River. But did you know that there’s now a skywalk? Two walkways cantilever over the West Loop and provide superb views over the…

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altCONNECT – Dismantling the Status Quo!

Source: (edited) The construction sector is among the worst performing in terms of productivity, according to a report undertaken by McKinsey & Company, which cited a failure to adapt to new technology as one contributing factor to the creation of a ‘sluggish innovation’ culture, with legacy systems and unique…

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Engineering Software

Engineering Softwares

Engineering software – it’s getting more bells and whistles every year, and easier and easier to use. It’s even more accessible now, with subscription pricing becoming the norm, meaning you can own an incredibly powerful suite of software for a reasonable price, for just as long as you need it….

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Earthquake Magnitude – ‘Fun’ Facts

Well, ‘facts’ anyway. There’s nothing ‘fun’ about earthquakes, especially when they create devastation and take life. 👉 “More than 66,000 homes were destroyed or damaged by a magnitude 7.5 quake” 👉 “The quake launched waves of up to six-metres high that slammed into Sulawesi at 800 kilometres per hour.” 👉…

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3D Printing – The future of construction

3D Printing - 3d printed ear

From printing replacement human body parts to assisting with running repairs on voyages to Mars, many predictions are being made for how 3D printing may soon improve the whole of humanity. Will 3D printing have a place in construction and mining? It already has. The future of construction is 3D printing….

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Bolts – Snug tight, TF, TB or not TB?

Bolt Tensioning

Bolts used in structural joints are designated by; Diameter Grade Tightening procedure. For example, an M20-8.8/S bolt is: 20 mm in diameter with a metric thread, the ultimate tensile strength is 800MPa and the yield strength is 640 MPa (8.8 translates to 8x100x0.8=640), and it is tightened to (s) “snug…

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