Structural Design

Linear or Non-Linear? – That is the Question

Non-Linear Analysis flexible structures

All structural analysis software has at least two options when analysing the forces and displacement in a structure. Linear Analysis Non-LinearAnalysis Why is there a choice? If a structure needs non-linear, why provide linear? Does a structure really need non-linear analysis? Computers are fast – who uses linear analysis anyway?…

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Ok Tedi – A Mine In The Clouds

Since January 2018, we’ve been involved in an exciting project with our client GR Engineering Services. It’s been a mix of everything – severe earthquake loading (including an earthquake during design!), huge rainfalls, restricted access, tie-ins to structures that due to the highly corrosive nature of the site were in…

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Mentoring Great Future Engineers

Graduate Engineer

We’ve all learned a lot from mentors who were instrumental in shaping us during our early career and continue to do so. That has been one of my core values – to also reciprocate the same to young engineers that get the opportunity to work with us. So, a few…

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